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Markieff Morris Says LeBron James Should Be The Frontrunner For MVP

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Until LeBron James proves otherwise, most NBA fans will consider him the best in the world. He came into the season fresh off of a Finals MVP and an NBA championship. This season, James will look to repeat with the Los Angeles Lakers. He has continued his dominance in the NBA, being one of the primary MVP candidates for the regular season.

Markieff Morris has suggested that LeBron James should be considered a frontrunner for MVP. Morris recently came onto the Lakers Talk podcast and talked to Allen Silwa about a variety of things, including why LeBron James should be the MVP.

He’s 36, coming off of a championship season with a month, maybe two to relax and get back into a season. And basically do something that has never been done in NBA history. Missed one game in the entire season so far and still dominates the game at the highest level.

How can you not put him as the number one guy for the MVP? Still carrying his team, still top of the West… I know we don’t have the best record but we have AD who has been out for 10-11 games now. But we still chop forward and compete with the best teams. He had triple-doubles back-to-back nights. I don’t see how he cannot be the front runner for MVP.

Markieff Morris presents a solid argument for LeBron James being the MVP. He has the numbers, and he has kept the Los Angeles Lakers afloat without Anthony Davis. LeBron James has a good case for the award, and perhaps he could make history this season, by becoming the oldest MVP to have ever played in the NBA.