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Max Kellerman Apologizes To Carmelo Anthony: 'He Is Not Washed'

(via Essentially Sports)

(via Essentially Sports)

Even after the Portland Trail Blazers gave him a new opportunity in the league, a lot of people had doubts about Carmelo Anthony and his abilities to play in the NBA. The veteran forward has proven his doubters wrong, especially in the bubble with remarkable performances that earned him a lot of comments and apologizes.

Somebody even released a Carmelo Anthony apology form for those who didn't think he could be good in the league. Well, Melo is doing his thing, helping his team in crunch time, giving them huge victories in the Orlando bubble. Right now the Blazers are half a game behind the Memphis Grizzlies for the 8th seed in the West and Melo has played a big role in that.

Everybody owns him an apology and plenty of fans and analysts have done it, including ESPN's Max Kellerman, who once called Melo a 'washed' player.

Two years ago, in May, Kellerman was asked ” What is Carmelo Anthony right now?” To which his reply was “Washed!“.

After Anthony's recent performances, people wanted Kellerman to apologize to the 35-year-old veteran for his comments. Kendrick Perkins made sure to remind Kellerman that he dared to give up on one of the best scorers the NBA has ever seen.

"Aye ⁦@maxkellerman — I think it’s about time you gave Carmelo Anthony the apology he deserves!

When will you learn," Perkins wrote on Twitter.

During a recent edition of ESPN's First Take, Kellerman was asked to apologize to Melo, but he didn't think he owed anything to the former Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks star.

"Absolutely not. I do not owe Carmelo Anthony an apology and people need to stop with this foolishness. I tell the truth as I see it. Carmelo Anthony thought he still was a superstar when he was no longer, his ego took hits… If you needed a bucket in iso, could he get you a bucket? Yes, he could. So I mentioned, he’s like a 15-minute player of someone’s bench…”

He refused to apologize until Richard Jefferson called him out for calling 'Melo' wash, to which he willingly apologized.

"If I ever said he’s ‘washed’, for that I apologize because he’s not washed."

There you go. Melo is changing everybody's mind about him. He's doing impressive stuff on the court and he's not stopping. He wants to take the Blazers to the postseason and shock everybody with a victory over the Lakers of his good friend LeBron James. This team is more dangerous than most people think.