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Max Kellerman: 'LeBron James Would Lose 100 Of 100 Games Against Michael Jordan In 90s Era'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

For Max Kellerman, LeBron James has nothing to do against Michael Jordan if both players were active in the 90s. We already know what they have done in their respective eras, but for the ESPN analyst, LeBron would be helpless against Jordan in the 90s.

During Tuesday's edition of First Take, Kellerman debated with Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams about how LeBron James would fare if he played in the same era as Michael Jordan. Stephen A. claimed Bron would still be a superstar, but he wouldn't be a champion given his lack of leadership and how he approaches the game and how he talks to teammates.

Kellerman, on the other hand, explained why Michael Jordan and his mighty Chicago Bulls would be a nightmare for the King, stating he would've never had the chance to win a title if he went against Michael Jordan.

"LeBron would have been a monster in any era he plays," Kellerman said. "LeBron is a basketball supernova and there is nothing that you can do to stop that. LeBron would have been an animal, but I'll tell you this: during the Bulls double three-peat, LeBron gets no chips. I don't care what team he's on or who's with him. Jordan beats him every single time. 100 times out of 100 Jordan screw him up. Jordan never lost when he was screwed up, ever. (...) When Jordan was in basketball shape with the crew, he never lost, he never went to seven games in the Finals, so LeBron loses every single season Jordan is his prime with the crew."

Kellerman then explained maybe LeBron would have gotten one of the championships Hakeem Olajuwon won with the Houston Rockets, but never while Jordan was an active player.

"LeBron only time to win championships is if Jordan isn't there with the crew. When he was, LeBron loses 100 times out of 100. Otherwise, he's a monster."

This has been a constant debate around the NBA world, and the majority of people are taking MJ's side. That man reminded everybody why he is considered the greatest player of all time and it's working. LeBron has been great, he's a force of nature, but for Kellerman, he has nothing to do against MJ and his Bulls.