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Max Kellerman On Kawhi Leonard vs. LeBron James: 'Kawhi Is The Baddest Man On The Planet!'

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

It's not a secret that sports analyst Max Kellerman likes the way Kawhi Leonard plays and he always tries to prove why Leonard is the best player in the league or why the Clippers are the team that will win the NBA championship this season. During Tuesday's edition of First Take, Kellerman made the case for Kawhi in the debate of the best player between the Klaw and the King, LeBron James.

He explained that Kawhi already met LeBron in the Finals and beat him even when James had created a superteam in the Miami Heat. He also said that unlike Kevin Durant and Bron, he doesn't try to create superteams or join big stars in order to win championships.

Kellerman went further and said Kawhi was more clutch than the late Kobe Bryant, saying Leonard elevates his game through the game, so he's ready to take the last shot when the ball is hot, ultimately calling the Klaw the 'baddest man on the planet'.

"LeBron is a greater player than Kawhi when it's all said and done. KD will be 2, I believe, but right now is what we're talking about. We're not talking about lifetime achievements. Right now, Kawhi is the baddest man on the planet. He's the reigning defending Finals MVP and not for the first time and I believe he's gonna do it again and by the way, if Kawhi or LeBron wins the Finals this year and wins Finals MVP, that man will be the first to do it with three different teams. Will it be Kawhi or will it be LeBron? Time will tell."

Love him or hate him, Kellerman is firm in his opinions and more when it comes to Kawhi Leonard. He put Leonard as the baddest man on the planet and he's hopeful he can take his Clippers to the promised land this year.

As he said, time will tell, but not so much people believe Kawhi is actually better than LeBron James right now. At age 35, the King keeps demonstrating he's the ruler of the league.