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Miami Heat Are Reportedly 'Unwilling' To Include Bam Adebayo In Trade Talks For Donovan Mitchell

Miami Heat Are Reportedly 'Unwilling' To Include Bam Adebayo In Trade Talks For Donovan Mitchell

The Miami Heat's pursuit of Donovan Mitchell has been well documented by various sources across the league. As one of the few teams with the assets and motive to get a deal done, Miami has long been seen as the front runner to land the young sharpshooting swingman.

But, according to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, Bam Adebayo could be the dealbreaker that ends the pursuit for good. In a recent episode of his podcast, Scotto dropped the latest update on the situation and where Miami stands in it all:

“I don’t see Miami having the assets to get it done without parting with Bam Adebayo, which I haven’t gotten the sense they want to do,” Scotto said (h/t Jonathan Sherman of Heat Nation).

While many fans are unsure if Bam should be considered untradeable, it makes sense why the Heat would consider him untouchable. As a mobile, two-way big man with a lot of versatility, Adebayo is a huge part of what the Heat do and is a big reason why they have found so much success recently.

Pat Riley believes in him and isn't willing to give that up for Mitchell, who is still relatively unproven.

"It’s the faith they got in me," said Bam on the rumors of being untouchable. "I feel like they know what they have. You get a guy who’s hard-nosed, who’s going to get it out the mud, who’s not going to quit on his teammates. It’s just mutual respect. I feel like a lot of teams want me, but it’s just a respect thing. Also, it’s Pat [Riley] believing in me, it’s Micky [Arison] believing in me, it’s Andy [Elisburg] believing in me that we can make that next step to bring this city another championship.”

The best part about Adebayo is that he's a perfect fit in Miami's notorious team-first culture. As a guy who works hard and always brings his best, Pat Riley knows that he can count on Adebayo -- and he's paying him back with money and loyalty.

With or without Mitchell, the Heat will continue to be a force in the East for years to come. Among other things, the development of Bam will be key to unlocking Miami's full potential on the basketball court.