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Michael Jordan, Barack Obama Feature In 'They Call Me Magic' Trailer

Michael Jordan, Barack Obama Feature In 'They Call Me Magic' Trailer

Documentaries about the greats of the NBA are always welcome, there are few things as enjoyable as listening to stories about everyone's favorite players over the years. Michael Jordan's 'The Last Dance' was an excellent example of the kind of impact that shows like this can have, with people across the world, even those that aren't basketball fans, tuning in to see what all the buzz and hype was about. 

The latest documentary on the block is about none other than Magic Johnson, a four-part series that will be released on Apple TV+ chronicling the rise of the legendary Laker right from his childhood, through his college years and his eventual stellar career in the NBA. The documentary will also address Johnson's rise as a business leader following his playing career and his role as an advocate for those that are living with HIV/AIDS. 

The list of names that can be seen in just the trailer is staggering which makes sense considering how universally respected Magic Johnson is and includes some of the biggest celebrities even outside of the game of basketball. Barack Obama, Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Dogg, all feature in the documentary alongside the NBA's greatest. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Shaquille O'Neal are among the legends of the game that can be seen in the trailer for the documentary. 

Based on the trailer, it would seem that the documentary is set to be quite upbeat, which fits with who Magic Johnson has always been as a person. An extremely positive superstar, Magic has always given messages of hope and been extremely complimentary about the stars of his era as well as the new generation. 

The documentary will likely be a must-watch for all NBA fans, especially the large fanbase of the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic is an icon of the game, a man who has excelled in various spheres of life and this documentary looks set to be another medium that draws more eyes to the game and the league.