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Michael Jordan Makes Appearance At Charlotte Hornets Training Session

Michael Jordan Makes Appearance At Charlotte Hornets Training Session

In his retirement, Michael Jordan has started a lot of successful business ventures. The most famous of these is obviously the expansion of the ‘Jordan’ brand, the subset of Nike that was launched when MJ joined the league.

The ‘Air Jordan’ shoe line completely blew up thanks to MJ’s incredible play on the court, and a career that allowed him to be dubbed by many as the greatest player of all time. But even after his retirement, the brand has continued to grow at a massive rate.

The success of Jordan’s shoes and apparel has allowed him to do a lot more, including the one thing he always wanted; his own NBA team. In 2006, Michael Jordan bought a minority stake in his home state NBA team Charlotte Bobcats. By 2010, he became the majority owner of the team.

Since then, the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets haven’t found too much success. Being in a small market team is their biggest hindrance, even despite Jordan being the owner and being personally involved in the negotiation process with free agents to try and lure them to the team.

The Hornets seem to have a bright future, with young star LaMelo Ball at the helm, and their young roster showed last season that they can play some good and exciting basketball. 

As the Hornets get ready for the new season, they will be looking to improve. And they had one guest at a recent training session that would help them do that; Michael Jordan himself.

Michael Jordan recently showed up to a Charlotte Hornets training session organized by Terry Rozier. 

Jordan has been more active in interacting with his players in recent years, and his presence at the training session would have been a big boost, not just in terms of morale, but also in terms of the quality of play, as players will be motivated by MJ’s presence.

In recent years, the Hornets have found success off the back of their draft picks. Kemba Walker was their best player in years, but his departure in 2019 set the team back significantly. 

And now, they are building around LaMelo Ball, who turned out to be a mercurial superstar who fell to Jordan and the Hornets as the third overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. With Ball, the Hornets have an extremely bright future if they can make the right moves to surround him with stars.