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Michael Jordan On His Aspirations With The Hornets: "Winning A Championship In And With Charlotte."

Michael Jordan On His Aspirations With The Hornets: "Winning A Championship In And With Charlotte."

Michael Jordan had a terrific NBA career, winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls in a span of eight years. Besides, he won multiple individual awards during his time in Windy City, becoming the greatest player of all time for several people worldwide, marking an era in the association. 

After his retirement, he became an executive. Although things didn't go well when he was the president of basketball operations of the Washington Wizards, MJ had a second chance in the league when he bought the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets. He's the majority owner of the team now, trying to make it a competitive squad that can constantly make noise in the Eastern Conference. 

He hasn't replicated his success as a player during his time as an executive, but MJ is confident he can get things right and fight for championships. Back in 2017, the GOAT revealed his intentions with the Charlotte Hornets. 

During an old interview with Marvin R. Shanken on Cigar Aficionado, Jordan was asked what things were left to check on his bucket list. No. 23 responded that he wanted to bring a title to Charlotte (50:40). 

Shanken: Other than playing golf with me again, and going to Cuba, what’s on your bucket list?

Jordan: Winning a championship in Charlotte.

Shanken: Bravo.

Jordan: That, to me, is huge. I think the city deserves it. It’s gone through a lot. Me personally, like any father, I just want to see my kids successful. I’ve gone through so many good things, there’s been very few bad things, but bad things make you better. 

MJ is as confident as they come, and he wants to bring many championships to Charlotte, just like he did in Chicago. Although things are more complicated as an executive, Jordan isn't giving up on his goals. 

The Hornets have an exciting young team that can compete this season, but they're still years away from being championship contenders. After landing LaMelo Ball last year, they are on the right track to becoming a competitive team. Maybe then, MJ could fulfill his dream and win a title to Charlotte.