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Michael Jordan Spotted In Italy In All White Clothes With Cigar In His Hand At A Party

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michael jordan all white

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players of all time, and there's no doubt that when we think of him, we usually think of his career with the Chicago Bulls. However, Jordan has definitely led an interesting life after his playing days and has been spotted at quite a few events over the last year.

Recently, Michael Jordan was spotted at a party in Italy, wearing all white with a cigar in hand. He looked as though he was having a good time, and there's no doubt that the summer is the best time to have fun and go out.

Cigars are something Michael Jordan seems to enjoy, and he is often spotted with one in photographs. Recently, an Italian manager of the store called "Casa Del Habano" shared a story about how Michael Jordan came into his store and asked him for cigars to try during his stay in Italy. Perhaps this is one of those cigars in that photo.

"Hi guys, my name is Luca and I manage 'Casa Del Habano' in Milan. Today a tall man came into the shop and asked me if I had some types of cigars he would like to try during his stay in Italy. I look at it better. I understand. . My legs are shaking ... I served Michael Jordan today."

Michael Jordan has spent time in Europe in the past, notably vacationing in Croatia in the past. There are a lot of interesting sights and places to relax in Europe, so it's easy to see why Michael Jordan chooses to go there relatively often.

Even though he's retired, Michael Jordan is still involved with the NBA, as he is the governor of the Charlotte Hornets. He will likely be focused on helping the team get better and building around LaMelo Ball, and hopefully, we see them get to the playoffs next year.