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Michael Jordan's Big Dance With A Lady Is Going Viral

Michael Jordan's Big Dance With A Lady Is Going Viral

Michael Jordan is a man of many talents, as he not only was great on the court but also could put up a good performance in whatever he decided to do. Gambling, golf, fishing, and many other things, MJ could do them well, and it seems like we still haven't seen everything he can do. 

A lot has been said about MJ and the Chicago Bulls' famous 'last dance' in the 1997/98 NBA season, but that may not be the last time Jordan took the floor to show off his dancing skills. Recently, a TikTok video has been making the rounds on the famous social media, showing MJ doing his thing with a lady. 

User 'Sportscardstallion' shared a short video of Jordan at a party, showing off his dancing moves with a lady. You can see MJ was enjoying that moment, giving his everything before wrapping things up and hugging the woman. 

"MJ just making a sweet lady's life complete," the video shows. 

It was a great moment for the Charlotte Hornets owner and the lady who created one of the most wholesome moments involving a former NBA player. In recent weeks, Jordan has tried to bring some joy to people's life. During his travel to Italy, he visited a cigars store, making the day of the manager, while also confirming that he signed a pair of AJ1s over 30 years ago to an airport manager

Whenever people see His Airness, they're starstruck. Some don't go further than saying 'hi' to him, but others go beyond that and get a picture with the GOAT, and this lucky lady danced with him, watching firsthand that the footwork doesn't only work on the basketball court.