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Italian Private VIP Airport Manager Details Epic Interaction With Michael Jordan: "My Heart Is Still In My Mouth. "

Italian Private VIP Airport Manager Details Epic Interaction With Michael Jordan: "My Heart Is Still In My Mouth. "

Michael Jordan recently starred in an incredible moment with one fan during his days in Italy. His Airness is currently traveling around the European country, living a big experience, trying new cigars, attending big parties, and even hanging out with other celebrities during this trip

Still, one of the biggest moments of this 'tour' took place a couple of days ago when Jordan ran into a private VIP airport manager that surprised him with a vintage pair of Jordan shoes that had his old signature. MJ confirmed that he used his old signature on those kicks 36 years after he did it, making an epic coincidence. 

This was a great moment for the manager, named Marco Guglielmetti. Even though he often sees big figures at the airport, Marco was more excited to see MJ than anybody else. He took to Instagram to share pics of his moment with MJ, the shoes, and even the plane where Jordan made it to Italy. 

Moreover, he described his experience meeting the GOAT on an Instagram page, telling details of his brief interaction with the six-time NBA champion. 

"Hello [lagiornatatipo] my name is Marco Guglielmetti and I work for a private flight company in Milan. I knew for a few days that yesterday we would have a special guest on board ... So I decided to take my cousin's pair of Air Jordans with me that MJ autographed 31 years ago at the end of a Bulls game, and that he gave me a few years ago.

When I found him in front of me, I took the shoes and showed them to him, explaining the anecdote. At that point MJ gave me a big smile and said: 'I remember that signature... But these shoes are more than 30 years old and you still keep them?!' ... And nothing, he remembered that episode: he's not a human, he's a cyborg! Before saying goodbye he told me that the signature on those shoes is his signature as a boy and that over the years he has changed it.

Now guys I salute you. My heart is still in my mouth."

This story got so big that he was even interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, where he talked more about this short but exciting moment. 

"He told me not to sell them and to take care of them, that there were few that he signed when he was a boy. I understand why he doesn't do many autographs at the year, even at the airport he hardly allowed himself to anyone. But after that brief conversation, I found the courage to ask him for a photo and he was extremely helpful."

"Everyone looked at us, those present were dismayed and wondered what we were saying. We talked for 7-8 minutes, an eternity if you think about the character. I never thought I'd succeed in something like this."

A lot of us dream of having a little chat with Michael Jordan, and Marco was one of the lucky ones that spent some time talking with His Airness. He also has incredible memorabilia in those shoes, which he won't sell. These stories are always great and show that even after all these years retired, Jordan remains one of the most famous people in the world, and wherever he goes, somebody will recognize him.