Michael Porter Jr. On His Performance This Upcoming Season: "My Goal Is Definitely To Be An All-Star."

Michael Porter Jr.

After securing the third seed in the West last season, the Denver Nuggets entered the playoffs fully believing they were capable of winning it all.

And while their confidence never wavered, an injury to Jamal Murray derailed their chances at making a deep run.

Still, as they enter the new season, there is a sense of optimism about what is to come. Nikola Jokic will be their star, of course, but Michael Porter Jr. could very well be the key to their success.

In a chat with ClutchPoints, Porter Jr. revealed his goals for next season and what he expects from himself in this next stage of his career.

“My goal is definitely to be an All-Star this year. But ultimately, my whole goal is for the team to win a championship. I think in order for us to do that, I’m obviously got to be a big part of that. That’s just the main goal: to win and win at a high level,” Porter said in an interview with ClutchPoints.

I was in the running last year [for Most Improved Player]. I think I was Top 3 Finalists last year for Most Improved, so to be a frontrunner for another Most Improved just shows that people see that I have another jump in me that I am capable of taking, so I just gotta do that."

Porter, 23, has emerged as one of the top young talents in the game. A pure shooter and talented scorer, the guy provides a major boost on the offensive end, where he averaged 19-points-per-game last season.

If he can step up as the third star for this Nuggets team, it could be the thing they need to bring home a Championship.

Of course, only time will what the future holds in store MPJ and the Nuggets.