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Michael Rapaport Rips LeBron James For COVID-19 Meme: "You Should Be The Last Person Talking Sh*t About The Coronavirus. That's The Only Reason Why You Won Your Fake A** Ring."

LeBron James Refuses To Respond To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Calling Him Out For Instragram Post: “If You Saw The Post And You Read The Tag, You Know That I’m Literally, Honestly Asking ‘Help Me Out’.”

As one of the most powerful and polarizing athletes on the planet, LeBron James is always under the spotlight. Whatever he does, wherever he goes, people will rip it apart with judgment.

So when the King posted a meme regarding COVID-19 on Instagram, it's really no surprise that it rubbed some people the wrong way.

Basically, James seems to doubt that COVID-19 is a bigger deal than the cold or flu, which is why he jokes about having trouble finding a difference.

It's a controversial topic, and James' opinion certainly falls in the minority.

On Twitter, Michael Rapaport made himself one of the loudest critics. In a recent video (which he posted to the platform) he laid into James for his take on the COVID-19 crisis.

"He's a grown man putting up tweets with Spiderman, COVID, cold, flu, you don't know the difference? None of us do, that's the problem. Why don't you call up one of your friends in China and ask them if they could explain it to you? Or call up Karl-Anthony Towns, who lost multiple family members, see if he could explain it to you. You should be the last person talking sh*t about the Coronavirus. That's the only reason why you won your last ring, that fake a** bubble ring. Just like you are the fakest guy in the NBA. Put that bulls**t out on Christmas eve when 800,000 Americans have died? Pathetic."

Rap is a notorious LeBron hater so, while the rant may seem excessive, it's not exactly anything new or unheard of coming from him.

While everyone has responded to COVID differently, James does have a right to have some doubts, just like people have a right to criticize him for speaking so openly about those doubts.

In the end, it's hard to say for certain when this will all end, but James' stance on this whole thing may haunt him well beyond the world gets a grip on the pandemic.