NASCAR Legend Says Michael Jordan Is GOAT Over LeBron James: “I Believe Jordan Was Super Clutch. I Would Trust Jordan On The Final Shot, I Don’t Know If I Would Trust LeBron With The Final Shot.”

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(via TW/Jumpman23)

(via TW/Jumpman23)

The GOAT debate is still around in the NBA and it doesn't seem like it's going away shortly. LeBron James and Michael Jordan are always part of these debates that don't seem to have an ending. As long as people keep making their case for any of these players, this will keep going and going.

Recently, NASCAR star Denny Hamlin was asked who he believes is the NBA GOAT between His Airness and the King, and his response was pretty clear: Michael Jordan. Hamlin explained that MJ's clutchness was unmatched and he would trust him every last shot, which isn't the case with James (3:44 mark).

“I believe Jordan was super clutch. I would trust Jordan on the final shot, I don’t know if I would trust LeBron with the final shot," the 40-year-old driver said, via Essentially Sports. "I would say all-around player, LeBron, he just bullies his way through there. You just can’t stop him. He is a train. Michael didn’t out-power anyone. He just out finessed them, out-shot them.”

It's fair to say that LeBron has also had his clutch moments in the past and he's unbeatable in Game 7. The King, though, has been criticized for passing the ball in plays that fans consider were for him to make the last shot, which didn't happen.

Well, Jordan did the same thing in a couple of games and it was more about making the right play than taking the last shot just for the sake of it. That's what greats do and these two have shown that. MJ recently joined NASCAR with a team whose driver is Bubba Wallace. Now, these two big worlds have merged and you have racing people talking about the NBA GOAT, in a debate that keeps getting bigger and without a clear resolution.