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NBA Analyst Suggests A Crazy And Massive Trade Between The Brooklyn Nets And Chicago Bulls Involving Kevin Durant And DeMar DeRozan

NBA Analyst Suggests A Crazy And Massive Trade Between The Brooklyn Nets And Chicago Bulls Involving Kevin Durant And DeMar DeRozan

The Brooklyn Nets may have retained the services of Kevin Durant after they were unable to find a trade for him, but things are far from peachy within the franchise. The summer's issues have likely taken their toll on the relationships between the team's key players and their front office and coaching staff. The mess was outlined well by an NBA analyst recently, who explained just what the Nets will be dealing with next season. 

And while the team has stayed together, for now, Kyrie Irving's exit as a free agent at the end of next season looms as a large possibility. KD's desire to leave has likely not gone away overnight either, and some think Durant is merely biding his time before his trade request becomes a relevant matter once again. As such, potential trades before the deadline if the season doesn't go to plan are already being discussed once again. 

NBA Analyst Suggests A Wild DeMar DeRozan-Kevin Durant Trade

The Nets asking price for Durant was considered to be extremely high by design, with the idea some have spoken about is that they wanted to price out any interested teams. Sean Marks reportedly wanted an All-Star, solid rotation pieces, and a whole host of first-round draft picks to part ways with KD. And while all of this seems a little extra, there is a Bulls package that has been suggested by Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz that might fit the bill.

Chicago Bulls Receive: F Kevin Durant, F Kessler Edwards

Brooklyn Nets Receive: F DeMar DeRozan, F Patrick Williams, G Coby White, 2023 first-round pick (lottery-protected, via Portland Trail Blazers*), 2027 and 2029 unprotected first-round pick

"If the 12-time All-Star decides he wants out of Brooklyn again, the Bulls can offer the Nets a collection of win-now talent and future draft picks. Putting Durant around a core that still features Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, Ayo Dosunmu and Dalen Terry puts Chicago back into title-contention mode with plenty of room to grow.

"Brooklyn should have no interest in tanking thanks to so many future picks still owed to the Houston Rockets because of the James Harden trade, and DeRozan (27.9 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game, 50.4 percent shooting overall last season) proved he's still capable of leading an offense."

DeRozan's stock is incredibly high at the moment, and this could be a deal that potentially makes the Nets consider trading Durant. This will only happen depending on the starts to the season both teams have, though. If the Bulls and the Nets are both competing towards the top of the Eastern Conference, then there would be no reason for either to make a trade like this around the deadline.