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NBA Executive On 2021 Season: "Forget The Bubble... This Is Going To Be The Season With An Asterisk.”

(via The Indian Express)

(via The Indian Express)

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA had to take drastic measures to ensure the continuance of the 2020 season. In Orlando, under quarantine, the circumstances of the title last season were unusual and, for many, came with an asterisk for the NBA Champions, the LA Lakers.

But, according to one league executive, this current season might come with an even bigger asterisk, thanks to the current state of the NBA.

While the source left things open to interpretation, fans in the comments were able to grasp its meaning.

In an effort to prevent another outbreak, the NBA is enforcing strict quarantine rules that will shut down players for an extended period of time.

With the threat looming at any minute, who knows how it will impact the season and the playoffs? Who knows which players will be available at any given moment?

Combine that with the shortened offseason, and it's clear to see how things this season might be even more interruptive than last time.