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NBA Fan Asks Is There Any Player Who Can Repeat Penny Hardaway's Move Since 1997

NBA Fan Asks Is There Any Player Who Can Repeat Penny Hardaway's Move Since 1997

Over the years, NBA fans have witnessed many players develop their iconic signature moves. Their mastery of the moves always leaves fans in awe. 

Players like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, or LeBron James each have a unique move: there is hardly anyone who can do it better than them. For James, it is his amazing ability to pull off an iconic chase-down block. On the other hand, Kobe had mastered the fadeaway shot.

For Jordan, it was iconic dunks such as the cradle dunk or the one from the free throw line. Today, we are not talking about any of them, but a signature move of former Orlando Magic star Penny Hardaway.

Hardaway's smooth step back jumper was one of a kind. Since Penny, many players have tried those moves, but it is quite obvious that Hardaway's was a notch above the rest.

An NBA fan on Twitter asked a question if any player has pulled off this signature move since Hardaway in 1997.

You can probably guess many fans started submitting their entries for the same and a detailed debate about the same started in the comments section.

Many fans believe that the move was quite unique and not many players since have done it. On the other hand, a lot of fans also think that it is not that hard and we have seen many players do it.

Well, whether or not the players pulled it off with 100% accuracy is the point here. Regardless, one thing that everyone can agree on is how good of a player Hardaway was before the injuries.

If he wasn't constantly sidelined due to injuries, he might even have entered the basketball Hall of Fame. But as it turned out, his career was derailed due to injuries and he never reached his full potential.

Hardaway peaked quite early in his career and had amassed 3x All-Star selections. Once he returned from a serious injury, he was never the same.

What are your thoughts about the signature move of Penny Hardaway? Do you think any current players can do it?