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NBA Fan Posts A Pic Of Ben Simmons With A Hilarious Caption About Kevin Durant: "KD Saw This And Packed Up His Locker"

NBA Insider Says Ben Simmons Being Out For Game 4 Has 'Exasperated' People Involved With The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets were a complete mess last season. With Kyrie Irving missing the majority of regular games due to COVID-19 restrictions and James Harden reportedly unhappy with the team, it was Kevin Durant who really showed up for the franchise and helped them stay afloat.

A mid-season Harden trade brought a lot of promise with the likes of Ben Simmons and Seth Curry joining the team. While Curry did play his part with the Nets acting as a support player, Simmons failed to suit up for Brooklyn for the entire second half of the season.

Fans were supposed to see the new Big 3 of Simmons, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant for the upcoming season, but all of those expectations have been put to rest as KD has reportedly demanded a trade from the franchise. This news has understandably made the franchise the butt of all jokes in the Twitter community.

After a flurry of memes clowning on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were shared, it seems like NBA Twitter hasn't spared the newest member of the Big 3, Ben Simmons.

The Nets in a recent tweet posted a picture of Simmons with a mean mug face captioned 'Summer Grind.' A fan hilariously retweeted the picture with the caption, "KD saw this and packed up his locker" which was incredibly hilarious to see.

Many fans reacted to the viral meme as well coming up with some great reactions.

Simmons, despite being traded during the trade deadline last season, hasn't had a single game in his career as a Brooklyn Net. Before the start of the season though, there is a serious chance that the Australian who was hopeful of contending for a championship with Durant and Irving might not be fortunate enough to play with the two given how doubtful their futures with the franchise look.

This however might be a season where we might see Simmons becoming the go-to guy in a franchise and all though we might not see a very competitive Nets side, it will be interesting to see how Ben Simmons performs when given a better role in the team.