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NBA Fan Posts Hilarious Picture: 'Jalen Rose Really Got The Greatest Barber Of All Time'

Jalen Rose Takes Credit For ‘Jalen’ Being The Most Popular First Name In D-1 Men’s College Basketball This Season Ahead Of ‘Michael’ And ‘Jordan’

Jalen Rose has been the victim of plenty of jokes ever since he was cooked by Kobe Bryant in 2006. After a January night where Kobe absolutely dominated Rose, he was known as the man who was destroyed by Kobe more than anything else.

He has been the subject of new jokes recently, as fans have pointed out how talented his barber is. One fan posted a picture of Rose's haircut and NBA Twitter went wild, talking about his hair, his goatee and more.

Rose has been showing some really good haircuts recently and fans have noticed that. He's looking fresh but not everybody is buying that what we see in his pictures is his real hair.

NBA Twitter has no chill and they once again proved that. Rose is one of the funniest members of the media he would be laughing at this right now. Some people joked with his hairline, remembered Kobe and more. The general consensus was, though, that Rose's barber is the GOAT.