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NBA Fans Argue About Which Big 3 Is The Best In The NBA: "Sixers Aren't A Big 3."

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There have always been plenty of talented players in the league, and in the modern era of the superteam, we often see multiple high-caliber players on a roster that is contending for a championship. 

Even superstars need good teammates to win, and it makes sense for teams to try and get the best talent they can on the roster so they can compete for a championship. The current superteam culture has certainly echoed executives in the past saying that the "Big 3" era will return, and it seems as though it is in full swing.

The NBA has a lot of Big 3s in the league as a result of franchises stacking talent on their rosters. Of course, there is always going to be the question of which of those Big 3s is the best. Bleacher Report has recently made a ranking of the top Big 3s in the league ahead of the 2021-22 season. Twitter page NBA Central posted Bleacher Report's rankings, and NBA fans certainly had a lot to say in response.

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There is no doubt that there was a lot of criticism at Bleacher Report's ranking. Obviously, no ranking is going to leave everyone happy. However, a lot of fans criticized the high ranking of big 3s like the 76ers, who were disappointing in the playoffs. We don't know how accurate this ranking will be until next season, but needless to say, there's been plenty of commentary on how and why it should be different.

Next season will be very competitive, with many teams this past offseason making win-now moves to get more talent on their roster. There will also be teams who had key players injured during their playoff run/season, such as the Brooklyn Nets or the Golden State Warriors. It will certainly be interesting to see how the season unfolds. There will most certainly be teams who are better than expected, as well as teams who don't fulfill expectations. We'll see which big 3 is the best soon enough, and perhaps there'll be some surprises next season.