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NBA Fans Call Out Giannis Antetokounmpo For His Slow Free Throw Routine: "LaMelo Made Two With 5 Seconds To Spare"

giannis melo

Giannis Antetokounmpo is constantly criticized for a variety of reasons. NBA fans often get to put him down due to his lack of success in the postseason, inconsistent 3-point shooting, and more. 

It seems like they've found another reason to go after the Milwaukee Bucks superstar: his free throw routine. On Wednesday, Redditor "superlight3" shared two videos comparing Giannis' free throw routine to LaMelo Ball's, calling out the Greek Freak for taking longer than necessary to take just one clutch FT. 

Meanwhile, Melo took the same time to take two, and they looked pretty simple for the Hornets star. 

Some people didn't even realize how much it would take for Giannis to take a single free throw, and others just started making jokes about this long routine. 

giannis 5
giannis 4
giannis 3
giannis 2
giannis 1

This is another reason why Antetokounmpo will get criticized in the future, and seeing how the referees are taking this, it's hard to think he won't be changing his form anytime soon. The forward is posting good numbers at the free-throw line, shooting for 68.8%, but not everybody is a fan of everything he does before finally taking that shot.