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NBA Fans Calling For Anthony Davis To Be Suspended For Dirty Play On Jae Crowder In Game 5

(via Twitter/Playoff Parakeet A. Cortes @Ryan_Cortes)

(via Twitter/Playoff Parakeet A. Cortes @Ryan_Cortes)

In 2016, Draymond Green was the subject of controversy after making a questionable play against LeBron James. Upon review, the league issued a flagrant which promoted an automatic suspension. His absence made it easier for the Cavaliers take Game 6, and we know they wound up winning the series.

While the situation is clearly different, could the same be happening for LeBron's co-star, Anthony Davis?

In a clip that is making its rounds online, AD is captured making a questionable play against Jae Crowder early in the third quarter of last night's contest.

No matter which side you root for, the play in question is definitely a bad look. Fans have been calling for the NBA to investigate the incident, which could potentially lead to a suspension. No word yet has been handed down on if anyone from the league office is even reviewing the play -- and even if they do, it probably won't lead to anything more than a flagrant foul.

Of course, that's not to say a player hasn't gotten suspended for hits like that before...

However likely it may or may not be, if Anthony Davis does get actually suspended for that play, it would be a huge blow to the Lakers, who seem to struggle a bit when he's not dominating the game. With their 3-1 lead now 3-2, things could get really interesting if L.A. somehow loses the next one as well.

But, either way, the Heat aren't looking for any breaks or handouts, and they'll be ready for battle regardless of what the Lakers roster looks like on Sunday.