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NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win A Game Between The Top 5 Players Of 2012 And 2022: "2012 Bron With Dwight Would Absolutely Not Be Fair At All."

NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win A Game Between The Top 5 Players Of 2012 And 2022: "2012 Bron With Dwight Would Absolutely Not Be Fair At All."

Think back to where the NBA was in 2012. LeBron James had established himself as the best player in the league after finally winning his first championship by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder, who were led by rising star Kevin Durant. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul had just landed in Los Angeles with the Lakers and Clippers in blockbuster moves, while Derrick Rose was a year removed from winning his first MVP award. The 5 men were regarded by ESPN as the best players in the league, and they were to be the pillars of the NBA moving forward.

Fast forward to now, and a lot has changed, as one can imagine. LeBron and Durant are the only men left standing when it comes to having an argument for being among the 5 best players even today. Considering how the landscape of the league has changed, u/RiskyyyRondo asked the question on Reddit as to who would win a game between the top 5 players from 2012 as per ESPN and from a 2022 team that would potentially include LeBron, Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic. Redditors were quite conflicted as they argued for both sides.

"Prime Dwight and Prime Lebron would be awesome to see matched up on Jokic and Giannis defensively"

"Team 2012 is scoring every single time down the court"

"2012 bron with dwight would absolutely not be fair at all. Not at all."

"I’m going 2022 just because that line up seems like they would mesh better. You’re giving Lebron the shooting and gravity of steph curry and adding Giannis, luka, and joker on top of it, all of whom are versatile and can impact the game in multiple ways"

"Team 2022 not even because of talent but just size. They'd bully the s**t out of Rose and CP3 on D."

"2012, two of the best basketball minds and highest IQs in one team? Dwight would thrive so much"

"Steph Giannis Jokic.. and people are picking 2012.. my god"

"Team 2022 in like 6 lol"

"Team 2022 just seems so much more versatile in their respective positions. I'm taking them in 5"

"How is this even a debate? Switch LBJ and KD on the 2012 team. The best player/passer (LeBron/CP3), best scorer (Durant) and best defender (Dwight) are all on the 2012 team."

"Just shows how much talent the league currently has. 2012 would get destroyed."

"2022 all day. LeBron and LeBron cancel out. Nobody can stop Giannis and Curry. 2022 perimeter shooting so much better than mid range 2012."

"I think Dwight makes the 2012 team win."

"Well 2012 plays offense AND defense so probably them"

"Imagining Jokic keeping up with prime CP3 or DRose is laughable"

"Offensively they’re equivalent. Defensively LBJ and Dwight would wipe the floor with Curry and Giannis not to mention they’d completely overpower them."

"Replace Rose with Kobe and I'll take 2012. Otherwise 2022 probably comes on top due to spacing."

"Everyone’s talking about spacing saying 2012 only has KD and CP but Lebron shot 40% from 3 in the 12/13 year."

"2012 Lebron > everyone on that list. So 2012."

You can make a good argument for both sides here as they have their own respective strengths. 2012 is clearly far superior on the defensive end, but the spacing is definitely better in 2022. It speaks to how much the game has changed in these last 10 years, as the three-point shot has become the biggest factor in games nowadays.

The style of play isn't the only thing that has changed significantly over these 10 years, as the salaries have too. Kobe Bryant was the highest paid player at $25 million in 2012, while Stephen Curry just earned $45 million in 2022, and we can only wonder what it would look like in 2032.