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NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win An All-Time 3-Point Contest Between Larry Bird, Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, Klay Thompson, And Reggie Miller

NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win An All-Time 3-Point Contest Between Larry Bird, Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, Klay Thompson, And Reggie Miller

There was a time when the NBA was all about playing in the paint. Big men dominated the game and the understanding was that teams couldn't win without an elite center. However, as the game grew and evolved, shooting became more and more relevant to create space. The addition of the three-point line in 1979 was a huge moment, with some shots more valuable than others. 

Of course, the transition to the modern game wasn't a quick one, it took a long time for the league to reach a point where the three-point shot is king. And it was ushered in by a succession of stellar shooters from beyond the arc. Larry Bird may not have shot too often from deep, but his percentages and clutch ability made him one of the early greats. 

The likes of Reggie Miller and Ray Allen then became superstars off the back of their shooting, and it eventually paved the way for players like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to completely change the game.  These players dazzled everyone with their shooting, especially in the NBA's Three-Point Contest during All-Star Weekends. This has led to an interesting debate among NBA fans. 

NBA Fans Debated Which Legendary Shooter Would Prevail: Stephen Curry, Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Or Klay Thompson

Stephen Curry has established himself as the greatest shooter of all time, but things would be different in a three-point contest. So when an NBA page asked which of these greats would win, there were a whole host of differing points of view.

"That would be a great competition, my bet would be on Curry."

"Larry legend comin just to see who takes 2nd behind him."

"Idk about y'all, I'm picking Reggie Miller under pressure."

"We all know Curry is the greatest shooter of all time but in a 3pt contest I'm taking Larry Bird."

"Klay Thompson gets hot like nobody else, my money on him."

"Bird and he's not taking off the warm up jacket."

"The disrespect here for Ray Allen is unreal, he got my vote."

"Reggie was ice cold bruh."

"In a contest, it's Larry any day."

"I'm taking Steph, he's the God of three-pointers."

"Klay gonna win it. It’s not about who’s a better shooter but that 3 pt contest Klay gonna win."

"Ray Allen would dominate, man."

"Never count out Reggie Milller he was a fierce competitor!"

"Klay all day."

"Larry Legend is the only pick here."

There's no definitive answer to a question like this. Larry Bird and Stephen Curry unsurprisingly seem to have the most votes, based also on Larry's legendary performance in the contest. One thing is for sure, most NBA fans would break the bank to be able to watch a contest like this, even though it can never happen.