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NBA Fans Discuss Which Teams And Players Have Given LeBron James The Most Problems In His Career: "San Antonio Spurs Were Achilles Heel For LeBron"

NBA Fans Discuss Which Teams And Players Have Given LeBron James The Most Problems In His Career: "San Antonio Spurs Were Achilles Heel For LeBron"

If there's any player that people consider close to Michael Jordan, at least in terms of the GOAT debate, it's none other than Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. James is gearing up for the 20th season of his amazing NBA career.

Although James will turn 38 years old by the end of 2022, he is still considered one of the best players in the league. Looking at his performances from the last season, it's safe to assume that he is still a couple of years away from retiring from the league.

Looking at LeBron's resume, he has won almost every accolade that an NBA player could dream of. Despite all the success, there are a few teams or players that have served the role of the 'Achilles Heel' for the King.

An NBA fan on Reddit recently asked this question, and as expected, the comments section was filled with a lot of responses. Most fans took the name of the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs as the teams that caused LBJ the most trouble in his career.

KaiserKaiba: Spurs are the closest thing to an Achilles heel for LeBron. It was even sorta looking like it for a couple games in their 2013 series (his game 3 being godawful in that series and he was being outscored by Danny Green after the first 3 games), games 4-7 saw Bron average 32ppg and his games 4, 6, and 7 feature stellar performances from him and conquer that demon and actually take advantage of the strat SA was using on him that had been mostly working for most of the series prior to game 7.

SuperYoshi95: Spurs had all the best Bron defenders on one team.

CIark: Obviously the warriors since those years were his best chances to win more rings.

AragornII_Elessar: The Spurs have always been his Achilles heel, they slowed him down in Cleveland and in 2014. Bron played on a Godlike level against the Warriors, they just had too much talent.

Jmills14: It’s Pop & the spurs. Kawhi really made them lethal. He could go off against everyone else but the Spurs were able to limit him and his teammates. To this day Kawhi is still his kryptonite. Watch their 1 on 1 plays, LeBron hesitates. Kawhi is just as strong and nearly as smart as LeBron on the court. Kawhi & Pop were the perfect marriage. If only he didn’t get hurt.

notthatbluestuff: The team that beat him in three Finals out of four.

oppositexnba: Suprised no one said Jr Smith yet.

DrOzmitazBuckShank: He’s tried to fire basically every coach he’s ever had, so I’m going to say all of them.

BlackMathNerd: He’s lost to the Warriors and curry the most in the finals.

paidscale: Individual players probably Paul George. If we're not just focused on playoffs or defensive schemes.

c10bbersaurus: Pop and the whole in-season player games/minutes management shit that he aggressively used.

JayKhai_0314: Spurs and Warriors Coach Pop Player Curry or maybe Duncan.

As it turns out, most fans believe that the Spurs and the Warriors are the teams that gave James the most trouble in his career. 

To be honest, against the Warriors, LeBron played extremely well. But the Warriors were simply stacked with talent, and it was too much to handle for him.

As for the Spurs, coach Pop used some great tactics against James and singled him out in their matchups. That's why they are considered James' biggest Kryptonite to this date by most fans.