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NBA Fans Get Freaked Out At Awkward Kevin Durant Fall

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 1.48.33 AM

The Brooklyn Nets took care of business in Game 1 today, beating the Boston Celtics by 11 points. But the victory didn't come without some added stress, as one particular fall by Kevin Durant had the entire fan base worried sick.

Here's the play, which saw Durant land awkwardly on the floor.

The way his arms were situated, it just didn't look right, and it had NBA Twitter holding its breath.

Fortunately, Durant was (somehow) perfectly fine after the fall, and he got up and torched the Celtics for the rest of the game.

But it is a reminder that, for even the NBA's most stacked team, they're just one injury away from heartbreak. Without Durant, the odds of Brooklyn winning the title would be much smaller, especially with so many other worthy competitors.

Good thing for them, he's okay and the team is fully healthy and together for the first time in a while.

It will be interesting to see how the Nets adjust to their first game, and how Durant, Irving, and Harden will learn to grow and adapt to each other's game. With only a handful of games having been played with all three together, it is still new territory for them to be sharing the court.

The hope for them is that their talent alone will be enough to offset that stumbling block.