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NBA Fans On Patrick Beverley's Ejection After Hitting Chris Paul: "This Happened All The Time In The 80s And 90s And You Wouldn't Get Ejected."

Credit: CBS Sports

Credit: CBS Sports

Patrick Beverley starred in another controversial moment on Thursday night when the Los Angeles Clippers faced the Phoenix Suns in the best game of the night. The point guard reminded everybody that he has a reputation for being a dirty player when he tried to stop Chris Paul.

As the Suns point guard headed to half-court, Beverley stood in front of him and elbowed the player, which granted him an ejection from the game with seven minutes left in the 4th quarter. The situation got heated when Paul went flying, selling a big foul, and the Suns and Clippers players gathered around the referees trying to affect their decisions. In the end, Bev was ejected and the game continued.

NBA fans took to social media to discuss the play and the subsequent ejection, with some saying the league is soft now, that the play wasn't an ejection in the 80s or 90s while others called out Beverley and his history with dirty plays against rivals.

In the end, the Clippers won the game, 113-103, beating a direct rival for the top spot of the Western Conference. Once, CP3 was the biggest star on the Clippers' roster but yesterday, he was just another enemy. He added a little drama to the play but most people agreed that the ejection was the right call.

We could see these two teams clashing in the postseason and that series could be a great one knowing the storylines we have there, especially with Paul and curiously, the Clippers' point guards, Rajon Rondo and Beverley.