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NBA Fans On Who Would Win 1 On 1 Between LeBron James And Kobe Bryant: "Gimme Kobe Anytime, Anywhere"

NBA Fans On Who Would Win 1 On 1 Between LeBron James And Kobe Bryant: "Gimme Kobe Anytime, Anywhere"

To succeed in the game of basketball, every player needs to excel either at playing well within a team or dominating 1 vs 1 situations. The late NBA legend Kobe Bryant most definitely excelled at the latter.

During his playing days, Kobe would crush opponents left and right with his insane ability to knock down difficult shots or sometimes just use the right skill at the right time.

But what if he were to face another all-time great player in LeBron James? James has been a top player in the league for almost two decades and many fans even consider him as the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) as well. 

James has countless tricks under his sleeves to defeat opponents consistently, but when it comes to 1 on 1 against the Mamba, it might be difficult to see him coming out as a winner.

Instagram page "BreakAnklesDaily" asked its audience to be part of this very discussion and choose the player they think will come out on top in an imaginary 1 vs. 1 situation.

Upon seeing the post, most fans took sides with Bryant because let's be honest, the Mamba is one of the greatest 1 vs. 1 players that the league has ever seen. Here are some of the best reactions to the Instagram post right here:

blaydd18: "Kobe could win with his left hand."

_serna__: "KOBE and if you disagree then that’s ok,we all learn something new everyday."

groovykeke: "I really honestly believe a prime Kobe whooping Lebron."

nyc.suavo: "Lebron physical attributes is his advantage."

from_woo_to_you_: "Anyone has doubt on Kobe… must of never seen Kobe all iso on Lebron all game and then proceeded to dominate."

cjthebomb45: "Kobe you idiots…mfs over here saying bron."

jay_p707: "Listen LeBron is great but he doesnt stand a chance Kobe wins easily."

_jaiden21: "Lol Imagine thinking Lebron could beat Kobe in a 1v1."

hiddenjul: "Kobe need triple team constantly.. no comp."

d_bo72: "Kobe is just more complete and lebron loses his playmaking so I don’t see Kobe losing."

cl3o_tk: "I wanna say bean would definitely win but if the game ain’t going his way all that shit he b talkn gon b real irrelevant against bron.. yall sleep."

bullock.joshua: "Man there is no one person winning easily. That would be an amazing 1v1 but if you do Kobe in his prime and Lebron in his prime. That would be a hell of a match."

raoul_98: "Kobe Bryant average 35 ppg and has 9x all defensive first team. He basically better on offense and defense. EASY WORK FOR THE MAMBA."

It is quite evident that the majority of fans believe that Kobe would easily win this battle. But one thing here to keep in mind: LeBron might have a slight advantage in his physical attributes.

Regardless of whoever would have won this battle, it was great to see the two players competing against one another during the 2000s.