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NBA Fans React After Gregg Popovich Becomes The NBA's Winningest Coach: "Officially The Greatest Coach Of All Time."

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Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich is one of the greatest coaches ever. He has won multiple championships with the San Antonio Spurs. There's no doubt that he commands a lot of respect around the league.

After the San Antonio Spurs' recent win against the Utah Jazz, Gregg Popovich has become the winningest coach in the NBA. He has 1336 wins as of now, and he has passed Don Nelson to get his achievement.

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There is no doubt that Gregg Popovich has had a fantastic career as an NBA coach. However, he has credited his players often during his career for his success. Popovich once claimed that a simple way to put things would be that without Tim Duncan, he would have no championships.

On a professional level, the most concise way to put it, no Duncan, no championships.

He led by example... it's just how he rolls. With his teammates, he set the quiet example of competing every day, whether it was practice, shootaround... he always took the lead, even Manu and Tony looked towards him. He gave them himself in a very humble and quiet way.

While there are definitely people that have speculated about Gregg Popovich potentially retiring, it is clear that he's having a good time coaching a young squad on the San Antonio Spurs. They have great young players in Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson, and it's obvious that they are in a rebuilding process. However, the San Antonio Spurs are well-known for their ability to develop players, so perhaps we'll see those young prospects lift the San Antonio Spurs back to contention in no time.

Hopefully, we see Gregg Popovich be able to enjoy his achievement. Many believe he is the best coach ever, and it's clear that he's highly regarded for his basketball knowledge. Many players have expressed their admiration of him, and hopefully, we see Popovich impart his wisdom to a new generation before retiring.