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NBA Fans React To Kawhi Leonard Looking Bulked Up Ahead Of The 2022-23 NBA Season: "Kawhi Looking Scary"

NBA Fans React To Kawhi Leonard Looking Bulked Up Ahead Of The 2022-23 NBA Season: "Kawhi Looking Scary"

The Los Angeles Clippers have done a lot to improve their team over the last few seasons. The addition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George really helped the Clippers in becoming one of the most highly regarded teams in the NBA.

But due to injury troubles, Kawhi is yet to play at the level that the franchise expects him to. He missed the entire last season due to rehabbing from an injury. Now, ahead of the 2022-23 NBA season, the Klaw seems ready.

On top of that, the Clippers have also added John Wall to the roster, which is a crucial reason why the Clippers are the early favorites to win the 2023 NBA Championship.

Speaking of Kawhi, he has not just returned but returned in a much better shape than the fans remember seeing him in. 

Kawhi Leonard Has Added A Lot Of Muscle

Fans have seen several amazing clips of Kawhi ahead of the new season. In fact, Paul George mentioned that Leonard already looks like he is in mid-season form, which is a scary thought for other NBA franchises.

One of the reasons why Kawhi has bulked up could be due to avoiding getting any other serious injury in his career.

In the above-attached clip, Kawhi looks in scary shape and looks 100% ready for the new season. Upon seeing it, NBA fans showered the comments section with a bunch of mixed reactions.

are_jay_mota18: It’s because we ain’t seen him in 5 years 😂😂.

saulinpinguin87: Lots of load management on them legs.

halfhearted_h0ll0w_vibz: All this to sit, 45 games,& look like he smoke cigarettes by the end of the first round of the playoffs 😂😂😂💯.

griotzoeluis: Good to see he is back. We want everyone healthy.

vighnesh_ramesh: Bro his quads looking like bodybuilder status 😂.

jaytherealtor305: Clippers got a nice squad this year. And Kawhi back 💪.

ree.inn: Bruh he was big to begin with.

1_800_israel: Kawhi gimme that routine ma boi, u went from some muscle to 3/4 of a bodybuilder.

amj3145: He looks powerful - not lean. Prime years approaching. Good luck mayne.

jacko_111: Good for football not so much basketball.

As we mentioned earlier, Kawhi's new physique has received mixed reactions from fans. While most are happy to see him back, a few pointed out that he might have bulked up a bit too much.

After all, he will be playing basketball, not football. At the end of the day, all this effort could go to waste if he can't stay healthy come playoff time. So staying fit would be the number one priority for the Klaw.