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NBA Fans React To Luka Doncic's Cold Pic With A Cigar And A Drink: "He Still Smokin' That Suns Pack."

NBA Fans React To Luka Doncic's Cold Pic With A Cigar And A Drink: "He Still Smokin' That Suns Pack."

Luka Doncic is arguably the best young player in the world, his skills at his age are already sensational. Doncic had another season that earned him an All-NBA First Team selection, and he even carried the Dallas Mavericks to the Western Conference Finals. However, the one charge that often gets leveled against him has now resurfaced, with Luka once again enjoying his offseason quite a bit. 

Doncic was spotted partying with Shaquille O'Neal during the summer, and everyone remembers his 'Hookah Doncic' picture from the last offseason. Now another extremely cold pic of Luka has gone viral, with Doncic seen smoking a cigar and having a drink at what looks like an outdoor event. Fans loved it, with many taking the opportunity to troll the Phoenix Suns in the comments. 

"He still smokin' that Suns pack."

"Man looks like a mafia boss."

"Bro does this but will still drop 40 on your fav team."

"Man looks like a random white dad at your neighborhood barbecue but he bbq-ing NBA defenders like it’s nothing."

"Bro like the Drake of the NBA."

"This a cold pic."

"Yep, calling it now. MVP incoming."

"This man is a menace yo!"

"I can't believe he's partying it up in the offseason already."

"The day this man gets serious, it's over for the league."

"Bro probably does no off season work still destroying the league."

"This has to be the chillest superstar in the NBA man."

"Luka cooking up a storm next season, I feel the vibe."

Doncic has been threatening to win the MVP for some time now, and next season is a prime opportunity for him to do it. Luka has commitments to play for his country in the offseason, but once that's done, it'll be time to get ready for next season. If Doncic brings this ruthless vibe to his game next season, he could somehow take another leap and start making the league his own.