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NBA Fans React To Michael Jordan’s Insane Hang-Time And Aerial Control: “He Flies Through The Air."

NBA Fans React To Michael Jordan’s Insane Hang-Time And Aerial Control: “He Flies Through The Air"

There are many things that Michael Jordan excelled at. He was a proven winner, pulled off amazing dunks, his tough mentality, and obviously his impact on the NBA. When you combine all these things, it's no wonder that MJ is considered as the GOAT of basketball.

Speaking of Jordan's skills on the court, there's hardly anything that hasn't been talked about enough. But one thing that people might overlook when talking about 'His Airness' was his insane hang-time and aerial control.

In fact, MJ's nickname 'His Airness' is no coincidence as he still holds the record for the highest-ever vertical in NBA history with 48 inches. Jordan used his amazing hops to dominate opponents in various ways.

One of them was to pull off layups and shots that looked impossible, all thanks to his amazing hang-time.

Michael Jordan's Aerial Control Was Out Of The World

Over the course of his incredible career in the league, Jordan perfected the art of shooting the ball while falling down instead of when he was at the peak of his jump. As a result, Mike looked as if he was floating in the air when he scored by using this technique.

On that note, an NBA fan on Reddit recently posted a compilation of MJ's insane hang-time and aerial control. It led to many fans sharing their shock and praise for Mike in the comments section.

SlyMrF0x: I get that gravity applies to this dude the same way it applies to everyone else, but it sure doesn’t feel that way when you watch him.

ToxicTurle-2: John Salley said in The Last Dance that once he gets in the air he's not human.

Subtuppel: Yeah, the "effect" he created with his contortions / movements in the air is almost magical.

hanselpremium: He doesn’t jump, he flies.

devilwing0218: I think it’s the way he stretched in the air making him look like hanging longer than others. Besides he always was able to do more moves while hanging.

javo516: Crazy how talking about Jordan's excellence literally never gets old.

UnsungHerro: It's fascinating how physically optimized the guy was. 6'6, massive hands, highest vertical ever with bonkers hangtime and 90th percentile first step to go with it.

hoi_ming: Other players stay in the air as long as he does, but it's the unmatched body control while midair that makes it truly hang time.

Fanny_Applebaum: His control in-air obviously remarkable. But the dude hardly was injured. His ability to contort his body in-flight and still safely land is astounding.

sneakers91: Even if the slowed version of these clips was live, he still has amazingly quick mid-air reaction time and decision making. Just unbelievable.

As expected, fans were left in awe of Michael Jordan's ability to control is body mid-air and knock down shots.

Another thing that truly made fans appreciate Mike's skill in the air was the fact that he was hardly ever injured. So it proves that Jordan solidified his fundamentals and made sure that he pulled off these movies with utter mastery.