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NBA Fans React To Stephen Curry's Insane Pre-Game Shooting Routine: "This Is Unreal. He Is Not A Human."

NBA Fans React To Stephen's Curry Insane Pregame Shooting Routine: "This Is Unreal. He Is Not A Human."

There is no doubt that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. Perhaps no player in the modern NBA is as responsible for changing the game or has had much of an impact on the sport of basketball as Stephen Curry. His talent when it comes to shooting the ball is legendary. Yet, Curry's skills can still be a shock to fans, just because of how ridiculously good he is.

Ahead of the Warriors' game against the Dallas Mavericks, Stephen Curry was practicing shots for his pre-game routine. As part of the routine, Curry took a shot, and then stepped back to take another shot, and kept doing this until he reached halfcourt. 

After that, Curry began doing the same but stepping forward after each shot. The incredible nature of this is compounded by the fact that Curry did not miss a shot throughout the routine, even when he was at the halfcourt line.

NBA fans reacted to this routine on Instagram. Most of them noted the fact that Curry was truly incredible, and whatever praise he gets for his shooting is not enough. Fans were amazed by Curry's routine and his near-mythical accuracy from all parts of the court during the routine.


He has to drink a special water!!! Because……. Lol

He just perfected the shot.

Pray for the man that has to guard him tonight 😭😂

I did the exact same thing but the cameras just weren’t on

What the actual f*ck? 👀

Best shooter of all time 🎯

Look like me out there

Every shot was literally 17/10 😳

Greatest shooter ever

In. Saaaaane 🔥

Human cheat code

Welll duh, I thought we were all in agreement that he’s the best shooter that ever lived

God mode

How tf does your efficiency get better going backwards lol

ong i thought he was bouta pull from half😭

THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME..& it’s NOT close either 🚶🏾

I mean i did that in 2k

Stephen Curry is truly one of the most influential players in NBA history. His proficiency from the three-point line helped usher a new era in the league, one that is almost entirely based around the three-point shot. One can argue that without Stephen Curry, the NBA would look very different today.

Curry had a great outing against the Mavericks, presumably thanks to the solid pre-game routine. Curry scored 27 points and dished out 10 assists against the Mavericks but wasn't able to help rally the team to victory. Surprisingly, he only made 3 three-pointers during the course of the game.