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NBA Fans React To Viral Video Of Rudy Gobert Boxing: "He Getting Ready To Fight Shaq?"

NBA Fans React To Viral Video Of Rudy Gobert Boxing: "He Getting Ready To Fight Shaq?"

Rudy Gobert is a bit of an odd character in the NBA. Despite being a 3-time Defensive Player Of the Year, it often feels like Gobert doesn't get enough recognition for his very dominant and unique skill set. Gobert is a monster in the paint defensively, but his inability to elevate his offensive game and the Utah Jazz's other issues have meant that a deep playoff run is something he's never managed. 

There's also a reputation Gobert has for being a little soft, some of it stemming from his emotional reaction to not being picked as an All-Star in 2019. Add to that his beef with Shaquille O'Neal throughout the season, and he does get quite a bit of unnecessary hate coming his way. However, Gobert looks about ready to shut any of that talk down, with videos of him boxing in training going viral on the internet. 

Gobert might be a bit too tall to ever be a boxer, but it's clear to see that he is aiming to become tougher ahead of the next NBA season. And fans are wondering if it's so that he can fight someone, be it his teammates or, indeed, Shaquille O'Neal.

"Shiver me timbers, league not ready for Bully Rudy."

"He getting ready to fight Shaq?"

"Oh, it's over for y'all now, no doubt about it." 

"Unnecessary, Spida isn't even that annoying."

"Dude should be working on a jumper."

"Shaq needs to watch himself now."

"Rudy is training to be a monster next season."

"Shaq, Rudy's ready for you."

"If this man don't work on his post moves and footwork, my god."

"This guy will do everything except develop a post game."

"Where the haters at, Rudy just wants to talk."

Gobert has been subjected to quite a bit of disrespect in his career, but if he truly wants his critics to stop taking shots at him, he'll have to prove himself on the court. Rudy's future remains uncertain. It's hard to tell whether he will be with the Jazz next season or not, but one thing is for sure, wherever he plays, offensive improvement will be expected from the big man.