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NBA Fans Roast Kendrick Perkins After Seeing His Top 5 Passers In NBA History List: "I Knew This List Was Gonna Be Bad The Second I Saw Him Smile."

NBA Fans Roast Kendrick Perkins After Seeing His Top 5 Passers In NBA History List: "I Knew This List Was Gonna Be Bad The Second I Saw Him Smile."

Kendrick Perkins spent 14 years in the league and was part of the Boston Celtics when they won the 2008 NBA Championship. But throughout his career, Perkins was never more than a role player for any of the teams that he played.

He finished his career in the league in 2018 with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Following his retirement from the NBA, Perkins has tried his luck with becoming an NBA analyst. Since branching out into this career, Perk has sort of developed a reputation for giving out atrocious takes.

It seems Perkins is back with another one of his "unique" takes as he decided to rank the top 5 passers in NBA history. Here's Perkins ranked the top 5 passers in NBA history: John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, and Rajon Rondo.

While the players that he mentioned in the list are all great passers, fans have an issue with the order that he ranked them in. He picked Stockton over Magic and Jokic over LeBron, which obviously didn't sit well with fans. Here's how fans roasted Perkins for this controversial take.

Midspiker: The fact that Chris Paul isn’t on this list.

Laugh-Cry-N-Think: Perk knows his science. Yet, he’s never really right lol.

shikek: The facts that Jason Kidd isn’t on this list is crazy.

Jaiku 32: I knew this list was gonna be bad the second I saw him smile.

Tyler Dodd: This question is based on "best passer" not best player.. Someone can be a better passer but not an overall better player. Use your brain people.

sean: Magic, Stockton, Nash, Lebron, CP3.

Skim Eyemln: "Pistol" Pete Maravich not on the list? C'mon, y'all. I'm from da 'hood and I knew that. I mean, just on general principal.

The One And Only: Bron & rondo over nash & maravich in terms of just pure passing is just absurd / disrespectful.

Chris Renshaw: Perk can’t be objective still salty because my warriors smoked his Celtics in the finals.

Andrew Valenski: Perk needs to be reminded Wilt led the NBA in assists one year. The only center ever to do so. Goliath.

Michael Halagan: A top 5 list of passers that doesn’t have Nash on it is not a list that can be taken seriously.

Ant Don J: Very Solid List But Just In The Wrong Order In My Honest Opinion!!

A handful of fans believed that the list by Perkins was actually great. Other than that, most believed that Perkins needed to include the likes of Jason Kidd and Steve Nash on the list.

Additionally, the ones who didn't have a problem with the players that he included believed that he put them in the wrong order. Well, at the end of the day, it's his opinion, and he's entitled to rank the top 5 passers in NBA history, according to him.