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NBA Fans Share The Worst NBA Take They Have Heard From A Family Member: "My Old Man Said The Golden State Warriors Should Trade Stephen Curry For Russell Westbrook After They Won The Championship In 2017."

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When it comes to the NBA, everyone has bad takes. Analysts, fans, players, everyone gets things wrong sometimes. That is a normal occurrence, and oftentimes, it is fun to laugh about bad NBA takes.

Recently, Reddit user TheRealKaiIrving asked other fans about the worst take that they have heard from their family members. A lot of fans responded to the question. Some of those takes are downright wrong, and others are pretty funny.

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There is no doubt that some of these bad takes are absolutely egregious. For example, trading Stephen Curry for Russell Westbrook after their 2017 championship would have been disastrous. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were the perfect tandem in Golden State and ended up winning the championship in 2018, and getting to the Finals in 2019. Another take that can be put into that category is Trae Young being a good defender: he does in fact get steals and has improved slightly on that end of the floor, but he will never truly be a "good defender" due to his size limitations and offensive load.

Everyone has opinions that are controversial, and this Reddit thread has shown those controversial opinions when it comes to the league. Some opinions that are controversial in one basketball era actually end up becoming reality. For example, a user mentions that in 2007, his dad thought that LeBron James would end up coming to the Los Angeles Lakers to build his own personal brand. While in 2007 that seemed unfathomable, LeBron James came to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 free agency, and has played in Los Angeles since.

There were bad takes in the past, and there will be more bad takes in the future. The best way to learn about basketball is to admit one's mistakes and try and avoid making similar ones in the future.