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NBA Fan Makes A Controversial Statement That Made Other Fans Mad: "I’m Still Taking Russell Westbrook Over Any PG Of All Time…"

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Russell Westbrook finished a terrible season with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he was unable to find his touch and struggled to get things going with LeBron James and Anthony Davis at Staples Center/ Arena. 

The former NBA MVP is getting ready to return next season and prove his value, but that will likely happen on another team. Brodie's first season with the Purple and Gold went really wrong and now it's time for yet another fresh start. While many people think he's washed right now, others still are high on Westbrook and his talents. 

Recently, one NBA fan made a controversial statement about Russ and how he compares to the rest of the greatest point guards in NBA history. 

"I’m still taking Russell Westbrook over any PG of all time…" @whynotbr0die2 tweeted. 

As usual, many fans had something to say about this statement, and they went off on the user bringing up their own lists, taking shots at Westbrook, picking other PGs over him and more. 

Westbrook is one of the most athletic point guards of all time, but he's not that player that could take over games and attack the rim to demolish rivals. He needs to change his style of play to impact the game in different ways, but that won't happen in Los Angeles. 

Russ has been linked with a move away from Los Angeles, with teams like the Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers looking like good options for him. It remains to be seen if he can go back to the Westbrook that led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs in prior seasons or if he can take a seat back and be carried by other players.