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NBA Insider Believes James Harden Could Compete For MVP Next Season: "I Think This Is A Redemption Year..."

James Harden's First Message To The 76ers Fans After Signing A Contract Extension: "This Is Where I Want To Be. This Is Where I Want To Win, And I Think We Have The Pieces To Accomplish That Goal."

76ers superstar James Harden has seen better days in his basketball career. Far from his days in Houston, the guy is on his third team in three seasons and nobody knows how long his stay in Philly will extend.

Since his arrival, Harden hasn't played like the MVP we saw in Houston or even Brooklyn. He has been lethargic, inefficient, and just not himself.

Despite that, NBA insider Bobby Marks says the guy could be in for an MVP campaign this upcoming season.

"I think we're gonna be talking about James Harden at number three when we talk about MVP conversations. [The Sixers] are going to the Conference Finals. I have them and Boston in the Conference Finals. I think this is a redemption year, I think it's a contract year for Harden. I think you're gonna run into a situation where when you add PJ Tucker and Danuel House -- all of it's gonna be dependent on Joel Embiid's health, of course. But I think we're going to see the Houston version of James Harden in Philadelphia this year."

The Sixers have been overlooked all summer long, but they could make some real noise if Harden returns to his MVP form.

But even for all the talent, the Sixers might need some more time before they meet heightened expectations. Even Joel Embiid wasn't afraid to admit that.

"I just felt like you know that was an opportunity for that suit for us to get better and we only had we only played like what 20 games together like that's not a lot and you know to be able to win a championship like to build a team and only play 20 games together like it's hot like he's you know it's gonna take a while and it's not just about me and him, it's also about finding the chemistry with everybody else and putting it all together," Embiid said.

If last season was a practice run for Harden, this upcoming campaign will be the biggest test of his career. If he prevails, returns to his MVP form, and proves Bobby Marks right, it might just land him (and the Sixers) a place deep into the playoffs.

If not, it could end in disaster for the third straight year. It all depends on Harden, and what version of him we see out on that court this season.