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NBA Insider Marc Spears Drops Truth Bomb About The Brooklyn Nets: "There's No Other Team In Sports That Is Harder To Predict..."

Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving

With so many uncertainties in Brooklyn, it's impossible to predict how this season will play out. Will Kevin Durant stay? Can he and Kyrie Irving mend their partnership? Will Steve Nash be replaced?

There are so many questions about this Nets team, and knowing what to expect in the season to come is no easy task for the franchise's fans.

On 'NBA Today' Monday evening, Marc Spears summed up the situation perfectly:

"Even if Kevin's back, even if Kyrie's back, is it gonna be kumbaya, or is it gonna be angry in that training camp? There's a lot of unknowns. Yeah, I was one of the people on this staff that pick that projections, but only God knows what they're gonna be. There are too many question marks. Is Ben gonna be healthy, is Ben gonna play -- I don't know. They could be [No. 1] and they could be out of the playoffs. ... There's no other team in sports that is harder to predict than the Brooklyn Nets.”

It's tough to disagree with Spears here -- the Nets are as unpredictable as they come. If Kyrie and Kevin end up sticking it out for another season, there's no telling how their relationship and on-court chemistry might be impacted by all the chaos that happened this summer.

If they end up leaving, the Nets might still end up being halfway decent. Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, and whoever they land in the trades for KD and Irving might be enough to make some real noise in the East.

The point is, this next season could go either way for the Nets. The way things have been going lately, nobody should bother trying to predict what kind of season they will have.

For fans, the hope is that they can keep both players around for one last run before blowing it all up for good.