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NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons Is Preparing To Begin The Season With The Philadelphia 76ers

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Jon Krawczynski On Ben Simmons: "I Don't Think There Is A Huge Market Out There Right Now For Him"

Ben Simmons's name has been constantly mentioned in trade talks over this offseason. There is no question that many expected the 76ers to trade Ben Simmons by now. However, there are likely no trades that will give the 76ers a good return for Ben Simmons, especially when we take into account what sort of player/package they want in return for the 3-time All-Star. That means that they could potentially keep him on the roster, and let him play his value up so he can be traded.

On an episode of The Hoop Collective podcast, ESPN's Brian Windhorst has stated that the Philadelphia 76ers currently have no "active discussions" regarding Ben Simmons, which means that he could stay on the 76ers come the start of the season. Windhorst also stated that Ben Simmons is preparing to begin the season with the 76ers, though he "may not be thrilled" about the situation.

The intelligence is, the teams that have talked to Philly, they are not right now in the mode of trading Ben Simmons. It doesn't mean that he's not available, but right now it does not appear there are any active discussions for Ben Simmons. I think Ben is preparing to start the season with Philadelphia. He may not be thrilled about that because he's been in trade rumors the entire offseason. 

Let's be honest, since he passed up a wide open dunk in the playoffs, I'm not so sure his Q-rating in Philly is that high. I think Ben will probably fly in the night before training camp in the cover of darkness.

While Ben Simmons may not find a return to the 76ers appealing, it looks as though he may still be playing for the 76ers for at least part of this season. Hopefully, he can show the world that he's still a good basketball player, and eventually move to a team where he can thrive.