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NBA Rumors: James Harden Could Leave The Brooklyn Nets This Summer

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James Harden Breaks Record For Most Three-Pointers Missed In NBA History

James Harden is one of the best point guards in the league, and there is no doubt that he is crucial to the way the Brooklyn Nets offense operates, as he is the floor general for the team. Currently, James Harden is averaging 22.7 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 10.0 APG for the team.

Despite the fact that he is teamed up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving currently, there is a possibility that James Harden will end up leaving. NBA insider Marc Stein has recently revealed that there is "noise circulating leaguewide" about James Harden being open to a change of scenery this summer.

Yet it must be noted that there is enough noise circulating leaguewide about Harden’s reported openness to relocation this summer — after he turned down a lucrative extension from the Nets in October — to give Morey the encouragement he needs to wait.

As mentioned by Stein, James Harden has turned down an extension from the Brooklyn Nets prior in the season. While it is possible that he will re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets after mulling his choices, it is also possible that he'll sign elsewhere if he feels the need to switch things up. There is no doubt that James Harden will command a lot of suitors in free agency.

As of now, the Brooklyn Nets are the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference, and they will be without Kevin Durant for quite some time due to the forward suffering an injury while playing the New Orleans Pelicans. However, they have had the No. 1 seed at times this year, and there is no doubt that they're a top-tier teams in terms of star power and talent. They're primed for a good playoff run, and it is quite possible that they'll win the 2021-22 NBA championship.