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Kyle Kuzma Opens Up On Posterizing Joel Embiid: "I Owed Him... My Rookie Year I Tried To Dunk On Him And It Didn't Go So Well."

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Kyle Kuzma has been solid this season for the Washington Wizards, fulfilling a solid two-way role next to Bradley Beal. Currently the forward is averaging 15.7 PPG, 8.7 RPG, and 3.0 APG.

During today's win against the Washington Wizards, Kyle Kuzma hit a poster dunk on superstar Joel Embiid. Joel Embiid is one of the most dominant centers in the league, so there is no doubt that this was a difficult feat. The dunk itself drew a lot of noise from the Wizards bench and the crowd, and we can all see that it has been one of the best dunks of the year.

After the game, Kyle Kuzma commented on the poster dunk, claiming that he "owed" Joel Embiid a poster dunk. Kuzma reportedly tried to dunk on Joel Embiid as a rookie, and in his own words "it didn't go so well".

"I owed him, actually, because my rookie year I tried to dunk on him and it didn't go so well. He came up to me after, I told him that and he told me if I did that again he would punch me in the face. I owed him, for sure," 

Kyle Kuzma has been having a productive season due to increased responsibility on the Washington Wizards, and there's no doubt that he's shown improvement in his rebounding and defense. He's been ridiculed for his outfits during the year, but there is no question Kyle Kuzma is clearly one of the most valuable pieces on this Wizards squad, and hopefully, his stellar play continues.

The Washington Wizards ended up blowing out the 76ers 117-98, and this was certainly a good win for the team's playoff chase. The Wizards are currently 23-21 and in the 8th seed, and there's no question that they'd prefer to avoid the play-in tournament if possible. Perhaps we'll see them go on a run, and become a top-6 seed in the future.