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NBA Rumors: LeBron James And Anthony Davis Could Play Power Forward And Center During Upcoming Season

NBA Rumors: LeBron James And Anthony Davis Could Play Power Forward And Center During Upcoming Season

(via Bleacher Report)

The Los Angeles Lakers have all the tools they need to win a title. They have a great roster, a trusted leader, an experienced coach, and a culture that accepts nothing less than greatness.

Sometimes, though, it's the game plan that really matters.

As great as the Lakers are, maximizing the potential of the roster will not be an easy feat, and it may take weeks or even months before the Lakers start to play like the team they are on paper.

Even then, what sort of things can we expect from them, and will it be enough to beat out Brooklyn?

Apparently, according to NBA super-agent Rich Paul (who also happens to be the best friend of 'King' James), the key to their game plan for this season could involve sliding Anthony Davis and LeBron down a position.

"Rich Paul was telling other agents at the Chicago combine that LeBron and AD were sliding to the 4 and 5," said Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer.

LeBron wants another primary creator to move him off ball for longevity purposes. This way LeBron can rest his legs for the playoffs and start getting easier shots (attacking close outs, spot-ups, etc.)"

Historically speaking, AD has always hated playing center, no doubt because of the heightened level of physicality that's usually involved. For a guy like Davis, who has suffered a number of dings and scrapes over his career, exposing himself to more contact and bigger defenders probably isn't a smart move.

As for LeBron, he's sort of the type of guy who can fit in at any position. At this stage of his career, he's looking to slow down, handle the ball less, and get easier shots around the rim.

With Russell Westbrook, the Lakers have their main ball handler and if they stick to their small-ball lineup, they should be able to surround their "big three" with enough perimeter shooting to open up the lane.

Of course, there's no telling how things will go until we see it with our own eyes. But their plan with LeBron and AD certainly makes a lot of sense.