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NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook's Trade Market Is "Nonexistent"

NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook's Trade Market Is 'Nonexistent'

Even after recording a very good game against the Utah Jazz on Monday night, Russell Westbrook's name is still thrown in trade rumors. The talented point guard hasn't been the best addition to the Lakers, and many fans want him to be out of the squad before the trade deadline hits. 

Russ has a hefty contract, which makes things hard if the Purple and Gold want to move him in the trade market. Besides his poor performances with the 17-time NBA champions, rival teams try to avoid getting his contract, so it looks like the Lakers have to find a way to make things work with Russ or suffer for the rest of this season. 

Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report writes that the former Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards player has drawn no interest from the rest of the league, even though the Lakers have explored some trades. 

If the answer for Pelinka is "do something" because doing nothing isn't acceptable, then he may have no other choice than to fire Vogel.

The team could try to trade Westbrook, but sources say the market is nonexistent. If he were in the final year of his deal, the Lakers might have a shot. But at this point, no other team wants to commit to paying Westbrook $47 million next season.

The Lakers have explored several trades ahead of the February 10 trade deadline. Sources indicate they have looked at players like Ben Simmons, Jerami Grant, Myles Turner and Harrison Barnes, among others.

Brodie is showing flashes of that dangerous man he was in OKC. If he keeps that level, the Lakers won't even entertain hearing offers for the player. Westbrook can still be good for the Purple and Gold, but he needs to find consistency now and when Anthony Davis returns. 

If they find a way to win games every night, there won't be any criticism towards Westbrook. Still, we need to wait and see how this situation develops. The veteran point guard is extremely competitive and he wants to stay in Los Angeles. Something must change if they want to continue this relationship or the Lakers just give up on the 2017 NBA MVP.