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NBA Rumors: The Boston Celtics Are Still Far Away From Pulling Off Kevin Durant Trade

NBA Rumors: The Boston Celtics Are Still Far Away From Pulling Off Kevin Durant Trade

Amid the ongoing cold war in Brooklyn, the Boston Celtics have emerged as major contenders to house Nets superstar Kevin Durant, who issued a trade demand to team owner Joe Tsai earlier in the summer.

As the 'unofficial' front runners, the Celtics are poised to make a serious run for KD on a package that could include young stud Jaylen Brown.

But according to the latest update from Per Adam Hisselbach of the Boston Globe, the Celtics are still pretty far out from closing the deal and have had no conversations of substance at this point.

With the start of training camp just six weeks away, league sources continue to insist that the Celtics are not close to a deal that would bring Kevin Durant to Boston and that there have not even been any real discussions of substance.

While things can change suddenly, it appears that the roster of the defending Eastern Conference champions is almost set following another busy offseason for president of basketball operations, Brad Stevens. The main rotation has been fortified with significant depth, and there will be several competitions for the final slots during training camp.

Having Durant on the roster would obviously make the Celtics favorites in the East. The combined powers of Durant, Tatum, and Marcus Smart (if he stays) would be good enough to compete with the best of the best.

Unfortunately, the Celtics don't seem very willing to attach their best assets to the deal. In order to even come close to Brooklyn's asking price, they would likely have to start with an offer of Brown, Smart, Williams, and multiple draft picks.

At the moment, the odds aren't looking good for acquiring KD, but the Cs will be relevant whether he's playing for them or not. After making a run to the NBA Finals this past season, they proved that they belong with the elites.