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NBA Rumors: The Utah Jazz Have Received 'Strong' Donovan Mitchell Trade Offers From Teams Other Than Knicks

Donovan Mitchell

When it comes to Donovan Mitchell, the New York Knicks have been aggressive in making a deal for him. Described as the front runners in the Mitchell sweepstakes, the Knicks could be willing to offer RJ Barrett up to four first-round picks.

Still, there is apparently another offer on the table from another team that could put the Knicks out of the picture entirely.

“I was told by a source that the Jazz actually have a couple of offers, that I was told are from other teams outside of NY that they like an awful lot…“

While we do not know the full extent of Utah's offers for Mitchell, there must be some pretty good packages for them to be holding talks with the Knicks.

At the very least, it likely includes some kind of young star and a haul of future draft assets.

A team that Donovan Mitchell has frequently been linked to during the summer is the New York Knicks. A trade has not happened between the two teams yet, and perhaps that is due to the Jazz's exorbitant demands. Stephen A. Smith has recently revealed that the Utah Jazz want RJ Barrett and "at least" six first-round picks to send Donovan Mitchell to the New York Knicks.

“Utah didn’t want Julius Randle, from what I’m told. They don’t want him. The Knicks were willing to unload him. Utah don’t want him. They want RJ Barrett. They want at least six first round picks.”

With Rudy Gober already out, it's only a matter of time before Donovan Mitchell finds a new home. But where that will be, at this moment, is anyone's guess.

If the Knicks want to come out of this as the winners, they might have to step up their offer or risk losing out on this major opportunity.