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If NBA Teammates Swapped Haircuts

(Credit: Bleacher Report)

(Credit: Bleacher Report)

It's been about a month now without NBA basketball, and the community is finding new ways to keep themselves entertained. With the MJ documentary still weeks away and no sign of a sports return anytime in the near future, it has been left up to the Twitter-verse to find something to bide our time.

The latest fad came from Bleacher Report, in which they did an NBA hair swap that went viral on Twitter. The most notorious styles in the league were paired up with their teammates for the swap. And as you'd expect, the results were hilarious.

A simple hairstyle change can change the entire look of an individual, and these projects illustrate that very well. Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Luka Doncic, and Anthony Davis are nearly unrecognizable.

LeBron, Paul George, and Giannis (meanwhile), just look flat-out weird without their signature looks.

Truth be told, everyone included in the edit looks strange and it served a good laugh to start the morning. Whatever the case, it make you wonder what else people will come up with in the coming days. One can only imagine.