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NBA Twitter Blasts Kyrie Irving After Blaming Iso Ball For Their Struggles

Kyrie Irving Told Fans He Had To “Pick Up Flowers For His Special Lady”, But Ended Up Stopping For Pictures Anyway

With their loss to Brooklyn on Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets have now dropped 4-straight games, drawing concern among their fans.

In an attempt to address his team's recent performance, star point guard Kyrie Irving chimed in with his own theory, blaming isolation ball as the biggest problem.

Too much iso does have its drawbacks, as it can leave offenses predictable and stagnant. But fans were quick to point out that Kyrie himself is one of the most isolation-heavy players in the game.

It seems like Irving will have to practice what he preached if the Nets are to start turning things around.

On a team with so many talented offense players, it can be easy to throw it to a guy and let them run it by themselves. The Nets have the personnel to do it.

But in this day and age, ball movement can have an enormous impact, and it's important to have some degree of it in the offense.

Of course, it helps to have your roster healthy, and the Nets haven't been so lucky. all of their big three ha missed time, which might be why their game plan is so off right now.

Hopefully, by playoff time, this team can get right so we can finally see them in action at full strength.