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NBC Sports Clowns Russell Westbrook And The Lakers: "Y'all Paying Russ $44 Million Lol."

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The Los Angeles Lakers recently lost to the Boston Celtics, 130-108. There's no doubt that this was a good win for the Boston Celtics, who are now 8-8. However, for the Los Angeles Lakers, this was an unfortunate loss. Even with LeBron James' return, they were unable to win.

One of the people who had a standout performance was Dennis Schroder, who finished with 21 points and 6 assists while going 8-14 from the field. Schroder was on the Los Angeles Lakers last season, though that partnership ultimately didn't work out. Schroder reportedly rejected an $84 million extension from the Los Angeles Lakers.

After the game, the Celtics broadcast roasted Russell Westbrook while Dennis Schroder was interviewing. From the image, we can see that they clown the Lakers for paying Westbrook $44 million. Dennis Schroder is with the Celtics on a mid-level contract, and it was clear that he outplayed Russell Westbrook.

The Boston Celtics will hope that this win over their historical rivals will give them a foundation, and something to build off of. They are missing Jaylen Brown currently, and once he gets back, the Boston Celtics could potentially go on a winning run.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, it is simple. They need to figure things out on the roster. We are almost 20 games into the season, but they simply haven't developed the cohesion and the chemistry between their stars. Even when their superstars have good nights such as today, it is not enough to win.

We'll see what happens with these two teams in the future. There's still a lot of the season left to play, and it's quite possible that both teams finish the season far from where they're positioned currently. Both teams are in a similar position record-wise, and we'll see whether the Lakers or the Celtics manage to finish with a better