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Nike's Kobe Bryant Sneaker Line Could Be In Jeopardy After Contract Expires

(via Highsnobiety)

(via Highsnobiety)

Kobes have been among Nike's most popular and iconic shoe lines for years now.

But, apparently, the shoes are about to see their last day -- at least, for a while. According to Complex, the estate of Kobe Bryant has not renewed Bryant's contract with Nike, signaling the end of a long and profitable relationship. Unless a new contract gets reached, the Kobe Bryant shoe line will be coming to an end.

(via Complex)

The estate of Kobe Bryant did not renew the late basketball icon’s Nike deal this month, sources tell Complex. The move signals what could be the end of the long relationship between Bryant and Nike unless the two parties can agree to a new contract. Bryant’s latest deal with Nike expired on April 13, 2021, according to sneaker industry sources.

Nike did not have a comment for this story. The brand does have more Kobe shoes scheduled to drop in 2021, which sources say will be the last of his Nikes to release for the time being.

According to Complex, Bryant himself wasn't particularly happy with Nike at the time before his passing, and wanted to leave the brand to start his own independent sneaker company.

Whether or not Bryant's estate will look to go in that direction remains unclear, but hope remains that we will see the iconic sneaker line stay alive in some capacity.